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Hethersett homes blueprint unveiled

Although much of the detail has yet to be agreed, including deciding exactly how many homes there will be and where they ought to go, major land owners and their agents are developing strategies to achieve their objectives. Two of the major players in this process are Ptarmigan Land and John Thompson & Partners (working under the banner of 'community planning')!

Ptarmigan land

The clearly stated objective of this company is to assist land owners in maximising the value of their land:

"We partner with land owners to maximise the value of their land. Our expert team develops a plan for the land and gets the planning permission. We take all the risks and carry all the costs. When the land is sold, we share the profits. Land promotion is the best way for land owners to maximise the value of their land. It’s fast becoming the preferred way for land owners across the UK to sell their land with development potential. Ptarmigan Land minimises the work for our partners and maximises their profits. It’s designed to be a simple, easy process where everyone wins."

Community Planning

Most villagers will have received a glossy flyer from this company that gives the impression they might be working on behalf of some planning authority. This is not the case. It also gives the impression any development is in their gift and has already been more or less agreed. NO large scale development for Hethersett is yet agreed. It is, however in their interest to have apparent villager compliance with their plans, which they will be able to put forward when any discussions with relevant authorities take place. John Thompson & Partners (community planning) are running a 'Community Planning Weekend' to engage residents and stakeholders in the assessment of the issues and opportunities for Hethersett and to develop a Vision for the future. We hope that many of you will be able to attend and express your concerns regarding the development.

Questions that need to be answered are:

1. If thousands of new homes were built, how would Hethersett's infrastructure cope? Would Hethersett Land pay for the new roads, new schools - and crucially, new sewers and water supplies, which would be needed?

2. Why are you not convinced by the Joint Core Strategy proposals for 1,000 new homes in Hethersett? Why have you put in a screening request to South Norfolk Council for up to 4,000 homes? Surely you are just in this to make money, not to help this community?

3. The parish council has said if homes have to be built, they would rather see a new settlement created separate to Hethersett - between Hethersett and Thickthorn. Do you agree that would be the best place for new homes?

4. Are these 'workshops' not just a cynical exercise which you will use to show community engagement when it comes to a future planning application?

5. Are any of the landowners who have organised this event present at these workshops?